An amazing robot powered by rechargeable lithium battery, free from cable tangling.

The powerful suction ability, anti-stuck structure and fabulous outlook make Falcon+ your best choice for your pool!


Adaptor input voltage 110V/ 220V (230V)
Adaptor output voltage 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Adaptor current 3.0 A
Power 150 W
Filter tray

180μm (600 μm  option)

Moving speed  around 20 m/mn
Cleaning mode Auto
Pool surface unlimitted
Filtering capacity 20m3/h
 Slope  25°
Working temperature 10 à 40 °C
Battery endurance 1h45mn
Recharging time 3 h
Remonte control Non
Caddy Non
Packing dimension 86x42x32 cm
Gross weight after packing 10 kg