Exhibitions 2019

Winny will attend the exhibitions in BARCELONA and NEW ORLEANS, comme to join us!

FROM 15/10/2019 TO 18/10/2019

International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo
FROM 05/11/2019 TO 07/11/2019

Expo Barcelona 2017

Tianjin wangyuan ( Winny pool cleaner) attended the exposition PISCINA & WELLNESS in Barcelona, Spain from the 17th to 20th OCtober 2017.



With high performance-cost products and stable qualiy reputation, some new markets have been explored in this exposition.

Expo Orlando 2017

Tianjin wangyuan ( Winny pool cleaner) attended the exposition POOL SPA PATIO in Orlando, The U.S.  from the 1st to 3rd November 2017.


A whole range of pool cleaners was exhibited, from pool floor cleaners to wall climbing cleaners, from basic models to high end models.

Winny in New Orleans 2016

Tianjin Wangyuan attended the exhibition in New Orleans, USA the 2-4 november, 2016.

new orleans 1 new orleans 2

With their most avanced design of Raptor+ ( lithium battery powered robotic pool cleaner) and Raptor SE ( LED lights in twist-handle), Tianjin Wangyuan gianed more attention in American market.


Winny in Lyon, 2016

The company Tianjin Wangyuan attended the  exhibition Piscine Global in Lyon, the 15th to 18th november 2016.


With their newest product, robotic pool cleaner with LED lights, they gained great attention in professional market.

robot IMG_3599 (23)robot IMG_3599 (1)

Besides, the battery driven model is also an interesting design to many of the customers.

robot IMG_3599 (16)robot IMG_3599 (10)

Winny in Tianjin

shs tianjin

Winny is attending

2016 China Tianjin international SPA swimming pool SPA bath and keeping in good health industry exhibition

from 27/04/2016 to 29/04/2016.

Welcome to join us at A05.