HJ3042 has built-in three motors to realize the full coverage cleaning of pool bottom, pool wall and water line, and the cleaning area can reach 800 square meters. Suitable for any shape, any material of ground and underground swimming pool. It can absorb all kinds of dirt in the bottom, as well as suspended fine dust. Equipped with a simple power control box, users can choose the cleaning cycle: 2 / 3 / 4H and time appointment: 1 day / 5 days / 7 days on the power box panel. Equipped with wireless remote control, it can realize front, back, left and right 360 ° remote control. There are two operation modes, fast mode and slow mode, which can be switched at will for more thorough cleaning. Save water and manpower, prevent algae and bacteria from swimming pool.

Product advantages
  • 2 wide suction doors
  • 3 pairs of filter bags of different density
  • Optional remote control
  • 3 working cycles